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howdy, i'm Greg Scott

Web Designer & Digital Ad Guy

The name makes sense now, right?

I’m a Front End Web Developer, Creative and Digital Advertiser with over 10 years experience. I even went to school for it! I have Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology concentrated in Web Development.

Before taking my freelance full-time, I co-managed Frito-Lay’s website (along with a few of their brands) for 8 years. That includes managing Frito-Lay branded Social Channels too. During that time, I’ve worked with many web design/development, design and marketing agencies all over the country. I also did some of the photography for the Frito-Lay social media accounts along with the graphic design too! Sometimes you gotta wear a lot of hats. Good thing I like hats!

I’m not your typical IT guy.

I might sit behind a computer all day, but I take every opportunity to get outside whether it’s at the house or under the East Texas pine trees. I like to think that my country roots give me the ability to be able to communicate well with those who aren’t technically savvy. I’m not your typical IT guy. Most IT folks only have one way, the technical way (insert techno-babble here), when working or communicating.

I’m here to change the game, and stand out from the crowd (the bor-ring crowd).

When I’m not coding, you’ll find me smoking a brisket or some ribs for my beautiful wife and 3 boys. I enjoy getting lost in Pinterest trying to find a way to give our house some Great Scott flare. If we’re not at the house, we’re out on the four wheeler getting lost on some red dirt trails of East Texas with a couple col’beers!

98654Lines of Code
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Some Creative things i do.


Creating something from nothing or altering something that already exists to give you what you need to market your products or services. Branding is your business' first impression to every customer.

Website Design

To create the best experience for your clients, you first have to understand why they're coming to your website. Then, give them what they want. As quickly as possible. Also writing, formatting, coding, re-sizing, accommodating, trouble-shooting, testing, re-testing, using correct syntax, organizing and caffeine are all part of building a website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is great for any business. So long as you know what you're doing. Graphic design, photography and good copywriting are crucial. Organic AND Sponsored/Paid posts work together. It also doesn't hurt to know each platform works. They all have their own guidelines and limits.

Proud member of the local Chamber(s) of Commerce:

DESIGN is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it WORKS.
-Steve Jobs